Powered Anode System  ( PAS ) consists of :

  • one PAS control module ( potential controller ) and  
  • one or more MMO-Ti Anodes

PAS models for tank makers or water heater makers:

  • MA0501 series
  • MD0501 series

Input Power for  MA0501 and MD0501 series

Dual Work Mode or Single Work Mode:

l  Dual Mode = MD0501AMD0501BMA0501 drives MMO-Ti anode or Mg anode;

Note: Mg anode is installed in tank and is the backup to PAS when power is off.

l  Single Mode = MD0501AMD0501BMA0501 drives only MMO-Ti anode

Note: No Mg anode is available. 

Models of Ti Anodes

Photo: quality tested PAS modules, ready to deliver 

Photo: Built-in-Water heater PAS module

Powered Anode System Application for Tanks
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