Xi’an MTGREE Mat-tech Co.,Ltd


l     to make powered anode system for water heater banks, enamel glass-lined carbon steel stanks or stainless steel tanks, was founded by engineers with long term expertise of impressed current cathodic protection and especially powered anode system for  water heater tanks, both of glass-lined carbon steel tanks and stainless steel tanks.


    Missions of Company

l  to continuously develop powered anode system technologies and productions to protect clients valuable assets.

l  to supply quality productions based on Chinese supply chain.

l  to serve clients worldwide.

l  to go beyond clients' expectation.


l  producers, distributors, end users of water heater tanks or water heaters;

l  China, USA, France, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan etc.


Xi'an  Mtgree Mat-tech Co., Ltd

Address :   Room 607, Building 10, Zhichao Industrial Zone,​

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Contact:      Mr. Li Junqiang

Email:  li.junqiang@mtgree.com